Remember to read the How to Order, FAQ, and Policies pages before ordering

*My kimono dress, pinafore, and wrap dress slots are currently full. To be alerted when I'll be taking new orders, please sign up for the email Newsletter or visit the Darling Army Facebook page. If you need something right away, please order from the Ready to Ship section.

Please remember that printed items, skirts, capelets, and accessories can be ordered at any time, so you don't need to wait for an order acceptance date to add them to your cart. You can also design your own skirt or kimono dress in the Japan Shop at any time  =) If it doesn't say coming soon, you can order it now.

ALL CONSTRUCTION TIMES ARE NOW 3-8 WEEKS. I'm adjusting to being a full-time mama to a newborn and will be working on a broken schedule until my daughter is a little older. For this reason I am not guanranteeing Christmas delivery this year.


Darling Army pinafores, skirt, capelets, and kimono dresses are all made to order regardless of the quantity listed. They are not instantly ready to ship (unless purchased from the Ready to Ship section). Since each piece is homemade, they will be slightly different from the design pictured. There will also be small imperfections; again, this is the nature of buying a homemade item.

You are responsible for reading everything in the listing details, FAQs (which answers many sizing questions) and Policies before ordering.

Darling Army is not affiliated with any major companies thus only making orders as they come in. No designs are mass produced.

Materials and Fabrics

Supplies used are subject to change and may be different than what is pictured. Fabric color may vary slightly due to monitor settings, dye lot, fabric type, etc. Patterned fabrics are also subject to change since we are at the whim of the suppliers. If a certain fabric is no longer available, I will do my best to let you know on the listing. If they discontinue a fabric after you've ordered, I will send you pictures of the new fabric and give you the option to cancel your order if you don't like the fabric.

Ribbons and trims constantly change. I will always try my best to chose a scalloped lace ribbon, but the exact design may be different from the lace or ribbon pictured.

Shipping and Handling

Once the package is shipped, I am no longer responsible for it. If it gets damaged, delivered to the wrong address, or lost, I cannot do anything about it (believe me, I've called USPS and get no help). If you are worried about this happening, you can choose to insure your package. Please let me know if you would like to add this before I ship the package.

All domestic (United States) packages will have tracking and are guaranteed to arrive within 2-10 days after being picked up by the postman.

International shipping only provides minor tracking and only to certain countries. If you would like tracking or insurance, it can be added for an additional fee.

I am not responsible for shipping delays due to customs for international orders. They can legally hold the package as long as they like and I can't speed up or slow down that process. Because of this, international shipping times,with the exception of Global Express, can never be guaranteed.

I'm not responsible for tariffs or extra customs fees as this is an international affair and not all countries enforce it. You are responsible for knowing your country's laws regarding taxes,customs, and tariffs on foreign packages. 

Exchanges and returns:

Exchanges and returns are not always possible and will be considered on a case-to-case basis.

Exchanges may be possible depending on a couple circumstances. In the event of an exchange, you may need to pay return shipping for the original item and shipping for the new item. Here are some of the potential reasons I might not accept an exchange or return:
  • You measured yourself wrong when giving custom sizing
  • You ordered a clearance item
  • You ordered a pinafore I don't sell often (regardless of size)
  • I cannot resell anything that has been custom sized with a zipper
  • Custom character commission
  • You altered the design in any way
  • You decided you liked another design better
Returns are very rare. I will only return an item if any of the following are wrong:
  • Severe defects in construction

Not getting your item in time for your event or holiday is not a reason to return an item. If you did not read about construction and shipping times, I'm sorry to say that is not my responsibility.

Returns and exchanges are very time sensitive. You must alert me within 24 hours of your package being delivered if you want an exchange or return. The package MUST be shipped back to me within 48 hours of you receiving the package. Sorry if this sounds too harsh, but I've had people wear a pinafore for a convention and then try to return it the next day  =(


Accidents happen, especially in home sewing. Sometimes I don't catch defects in the fabrics or supplies. If your pinafore has defective fabric or the custom sizing is crazy off (they are meant to be adjustable which means they will not be made to fit your body exactly as is), I will pay the return shipping, fix the item, and send it back to you.


I do understand that things come up and suddenly the money spent on a costume can be the difference between having gas to drive to work or not. If you need to make a cancellation, do so as soon as possible since I sometimes start orders the same day I accept them. I might not be able to cancel an order once I've bought or cut the fabric for your order. Please don't be upset if I can't refund your whole order and cancel for the full amount. You are responsible for the price of fabric if you try to cancel too late (which is, on average 30-50% of the pinafore price).

Thank you <3


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