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*My kimono dress, pinafore, and wrap dress slots are currently full. To be alerted when I'll be taking new orders, please sign up for the email Newsletter or visit the Darling Army Facebook page. If you need something right away, please order from the Ready to Ship section.

Please remember that printed items, skirts, capelets, and accessories can be ordered at any time, so you don't need to wait for an order acceptance date to add them to your cart. You can also design your own skirt or kimono dress in the Japan Shop at any time  =) If it doesn't say coming soon, you can order it now.

ALL CONSTRUCTION TIMES ARE NOW 3-8 WEEKS. I'm adjusting to being a full-time mama to a newborn and will be working on a broken schedule until my daughter is a little older. For this reason I am not guanranteeing Christmas delivery this year.

I'm moving to a new home and don't fancy taking so much with me, so I've discounted in-stock designs, added some items from my closet, and uploaded a few sample kimono dresses from the store. I'll keep the sale going until I pack up and move in late November/early December. Please don't try to haggle since some of the designs are even discounted to the price it takes me to make them XD Enjoy!

If you're in the US and need something by Halloween, you'll need to order from this section before the 25th.

EDIT 10/22: I cleared 40+ items from this section becuase they sold out rather quickly. With the exception of a few things, just about everything in the closet sale is gone as are a lot of the kimono dresses I uploaded yesterday. Snatch up what's left while you can  XD I cannot hold items. Sorry  @_@

I have over 400 designs, so feel free to browse the categories at the left to see the full catalog. If you don't find what you're looking for, message me to set up a commission for your perfect cosplay pinafore, skirt, bow, or kimono dress!


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