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*4/8: My kimono dress, pinafore, and wrap dress slots are currently full. To be alerted when I'll be taking new orders again, please sign up for the email Newsletter or visit the Darling Army Facebook page. If you need something right away, please order from the Ready to Ship section.

Please remember that printed items, skirts, capelets, and accessories can be ordered at any time, so you don't need to wait for an order acceptance date to add them to your cart. You can also design your own skirt or kimono dress in the Japan Shop at any time  =) If it doesn't say coming soon, you can order it now.

ALL CONSTRUCTION TIMES ARE NOW 3-8 WEEKS. I'm currently pregnant and now have an unpredictable schedule due to morning sickness and fatigue.

Create your own kimono dress or skirt using some very special I bought in Japan! These prints are not available for sale outside of Japan, so the limited amount that I have is all I will ever offer. Once a fabric is gone, it's gone for good!
11/13 Everything in this section will be available at all times (unlike my other kimono dresses) since it will help me keep an accurate count of how many yards I have left of each fabric. Please note that my construction times are currently longer than usual since I'm in the middle of moving. Message me before ordering if you have a time-sensitive event.


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