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Please remember that printed items, skirts, capelets, and accessories can be ordered at any time, so you don't need to wait for an order acceptance date to add them to your cart. You can also design your own skirt or kimono dress in the Japan Shop at any time  =) If it doesn't say coming soon, you can order it now.

ALL CONSTRUCTION TIMES ARE NOW 3-8 WEEKS. I'm adjusting to being a full-time mama to a newborn and will be working on a broken schedule until my daughter is a little older. For this reason I am not guanranteeing Christmas delivery this year.

How to Order a Commission

Ordering a custom commission is the perfect way to cosplay as a unique character I don't offer on a regular basis or to change elements of an existing design. Commission pricing is based on fabric, time, and complexity just like the pinafores I offer in my store, so they don't cost extra! In the commission section you can ask for pinafores, kimono dresses, skirts, capelets, and children's sizes. I rarely take commissions for printed designs and wrap dresses, but feel free to ask just in case ;)

How do you order? Here's how it will go

What you do:

Send me a message via the store or Facebook (Darling Army Facebook) with the following information for a pinafore or skirt commission:

  • Gender:
  • Waist measurement:
  • Character/Object and series name
  • Reference picture: (Link or attached reference picture of specific character outfit desired)
  • Additional info: (this is where you'd let me know if you wanted any specific elements)

If you are interested in a custom kimono dress, please include the following measurements in addition to the details above.

  • Bust:
  • Shoulder width:
  • Length from shoulder to wrist:

If you are interested in a bow commission, please let me know the character/object of reference and any color preferences.

What I do:

Once I receive your message, I'll start planning the design. I might ask you a couple clarification questions before I start on an actual sketch. Once the details are hammered out, I'll send you a sketch and a price quote. Once we agree on a design and price, I will be able to add a custom listing to the commission section of my site for you to purchase when I'm accepting orders. From there I'll make the commission and send it to you  =D


Say I was sent the following message:

From here we would start discussing specific details and materials. After the details are hammered out, I'd start working on a sketch for the character. Sometimes not all character details can be translated into my style, but I'll try my best to accommodate your requests. If I honestly don't think something will work, don't feel confident in constructing a particular aspect, or can't spend that much time/money on a single detail, I will let you know before starting on a sketch.

For example, even though I can make pleated skirts, I don't offer them because they don't fit in my style and take longer to make. Since I work with multiple orders at a time, it's not fair for me to delay ten orders just so I can iron and baste pleats for five hours (to do it correctly).

After I send the sketch, we'll discuss any possible changes (if any), settle on a price, and then your job is finished! After you let me know when you want to order, I'll set up a custom listing in the Commission Section with your sketch and your name on it for the next order acceptance date that works for you.

Once you place your order, I'll take 2-4 weeks to construct your commission and ship it out! If you ordered something that I've been meaning to add to the store for awhile, I'll take pictures of it and put it on the website, so might you'll get a chance to see how it looks before you even receive it! I don't do this for all commissions, but I'm trying to take photos more and more.

Send your commission requests here:


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