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Winter 2016/2017 Art Contest Winners

This last contest had some super adorable entries and a lot of chibis to boot! See the designs below for some amazing ideas <3

First Place

This adorable animation is not only extremely well made, but also showcases the artist's understanding and love of the characters. Can't you just hear Tamaki's excited shouts and Haruhi's startled response?

Second Place

Thrills! Chills! Kills! Junko and Monokuma are synonymous with their love for murder and despair. This stunning piece of art displays Junko's split personality alongside an always disturbingly happy Monokuma and I absolutely adore it!

An adorable illustration featuring different girls in their day-to-day wear and their cosplay counterparts! I'm in love with the colors and adore that each girl clearly has a different personality and style preference. Perfection ^_^

Third Place

A perfectly executed Pop customization of Bulma wearing the Vegeta pinny. Perfection!
A perfectly designed and totally plausible kimono dress design! I love that the back of the cards have been incorporated as a panel in the front.
An adorable gif of different characters in their Darling Army outfits! I love that each facial expression is different and every pose is full of movement!

Notable Mentions

Fall 2015 Art Contest Winners

Here are all of the winners and favorites from the Fall 2015 Art Contest! Please visit the artists' online portfolios since they've all done other awesome works.

First Place

The magical girl shows I watched as a child helped shape my sense of style which later influenced Darling Army when I started designing for myself. This magical girl throwback is not only well-made, but shows the different transformations that cosplay can bring to one person.

Second Place

Two beautiful and intricate designs that the artist has flawlessly transformed into a pinafore, kimono dress, and capelets.
The artist not only captured one girl, but eight-all with different styles! Darling Army designs are made to be adaptable to all types of girls and the artist totally nailed it!

Third Place

The artist has created two distinct looks for one character's outfit. Cosplay can be inspiration for every day fashion!

A hauntingly beautiful image that uses dark colors unlike any other images submitted to the art contest.

While the art is awesome in this picture, the shadows are what made this one of my favorite designs. Cosplay helps you channel your favorite characters!

Notable Mentions

Some of my favorite commissions that were in the running.

Spring 2015 Winners

All of the winners and favorites from the 2015 Art Contest. Please support the artists that participated and check out their online porfolios

First Place

A perfect representation of the Darling Army. Not only is the idea thoughtful and fresh, but the detail and highlights in every fold of fabric make this piece amazing! Many people forget about the "roleplay" part of cosplay; it's not just a costume, but the embodiment of a character. You can be anyone you want to be with cosplay (and look cute doing it!).

Second Place

A beautiful, serene picture with interesting textures and lots of small details. Exactly how I picture this kimono dress being worn.

This picture is full-of-energy and is too cute to boot! The artist captures the characters' personalities perfect and also designed them in some adorable pinafores. What's not to love?

Third Place

A quirky picture filled with clever character interactions. You'll find something new every time!

Gorgeous additions to my Minecraft pinafores that are exactly how I would design them. The styling and art is also top-knotch.

What's more adorable than a Doctor wearing a Tardis pinafore? The TARDIS wearing a Tardis pinafore!

Notable Mentions

Some of my other favorites from the contest. 

Summer 2014 Winners

The  Summer 2014 Art Contest is closed, but here are the winners and notable mentions! Please support the artists and visit their online portfolios =D


First place goes to ForgottenSound!.Not only are the colors beautiful, but the energy of the piece is very dynamic. The artist captures the spirit of the Darling Army by displaying the outfits how they were meant to be worn--in real life. On top of that, they're worn by two different kind of girls (jeans VS skirts) who have come together to celebrate their love of the Zelda universe. Perfection.

Artist's Site:


The runner-up spot goes to artist Yumchaa. She was inspired to make a kimono dress based on "the japanese school uniform, the sakura flower, the spring." While this avant-garde outfit could never be offered in the store, its softness and beauty transcends the clothing and is a real testament to the artist's inspirations. The Darling Army aims to make feminine cosplay for the cute enthusiast and this definitely takes the cake!

Artist's Site:


I couldn't decide between winners for this last spot, so I'll be awarding prizes to three artists who tied for Third Place!

By Meggiemoooooo

A true-to-character reaction from the brothers who inspired both outfits!

By Happy-every-day

A flirty and adorable representation of Anna!

by Pinkie-Mads

A collection of all the fandoms represented by the Darling Army. A geek girl is allowed to have more than one!


Here are some of the most creative, wonderful pieces that were in the final running. The ideas people came up with were awesome! Please note that these are displyed in no particular order

Winter 2013 Winners


First place goes to RosetteCat from deviantART. Not only is this picture flipping adorable, but the head-to-toe original design captures the spirit of the Darling Army. The lolita shape, the kawaii bunny/army theme, and the overall tone made for a simply smile-inducing mascot. Fantastic work!

Artist's Site:


This fantastic outfit inspired by Adventure Time's Lady Rainicorn by lady-leliel (deviantART) was a close second in the contest. Not only is the art top-notch, but the overall concept is superb. Taking inspiration from Lady's Korean roots, she opted for altering a traditional garment into a technicolor masterpiece. The nod to Jake by using a yellow scarf was the icing on the cake.

Artist's Site:


Here are some of the most creative, wonderful pieces that were in the final running. The ideas people came up with were awesome!

P.S. These are in no particular order. The numbers just correspond with teh Artist list below!


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